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Finding the right parts to keep your RC Car or Truck running can be a challenge. We always suggest you have the manual that came with your kit and look up the manufacturers part number. You can enter that number into our search engine and that should get you what you need but we know that is not always possible so we have some other options for you. We list all our parts under both Kits "Parts by Kit" and also in number groups "Parts by Part Number" under each manufacturer.

Parts by Kit
This gives you the option of going to your Car or Truck's manufacturer and choosing the model name or model number you have and all the parts for that specific kit listed in numerical order by SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).

Parts by Part Number
You also have the option of going to the manufacturer of your Car or Truck and then going to the "Parts by Number" and looking up your part that way. We try to arrange these number groups by numeric group but some manufactures are not very consistent in their part numbering.